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Customizing SharePoint Edit and Display form toolbars

There are a number of Blog posts out there on the topic of toolbar customizations.  If you take the Custom Actions feature approach, you can add new toolbar choices at different levels (Web Application, Site Collection, etc.). You can also … Continue reading

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The handy (if it worked) Pause action

Don’t try this at home! Dear SharePoint Designer, it’s lets you do so many things that just don’t work.  In this case you don’t want to use a Pause action right after checking-in a document (because of the property changes … Continue reading

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SharePoint Designer made me do it

Welcome to my Blog. I’ve been working with SharePoint for 4 years, and it’s never been perfect, but SharePoint Designer is the most broken, evil thing to come from Redmond in some time. It’s so evil that it prompted me … Continue reading

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