SharePoint 2010

This is old news at this point

but I think it’s an odd Blog post.

Removing Office from MOSS was done because “lots of folks associate the name Office with the Office client“.


So a new group of managers and developers comes along, every 2-3 years apparently, and decides that the Office Server concept is what, confusing? I wonder who they asked?

Well, I imagine some survey showed that SharePoint was the real brand and that Office moniker just didn’t mean anything. Usually companies like IBM and Microsoft try to stick a hot brand on everything, ad nauseum. Of course we have not given Redmond a chance to stamp SharePoint on everything yet, so we’ll see.

I also liked this line about WSS 4.0.

It’s too early to drill into any of the details but WSS is getting a lot of new features and will be a great release.

I just had to copy that over here so it’s preserved for posterity. Will WSS 4.0 be “a great release” because they finally decided to fix all those pesky bugs? Or, like WSS 3.0, does great mean “great big”. I’m betting on the latter.

Considering the aquisitions MS has made in this space, SharePoint 2010 as a whole is quite likely to be a great big release. I suppose there is a chance that MS may decide not to pile all that social networking code they bought into SharePoint.

Here’s a thought, maybe there will be a dedicated version of SharePoint called SharePoint Server 2010 for Lonely Geeks.

Oh, now I’ve gone and offended someone.

Seriously though, any bets on how many SKUs SharePoint 2010 will actually have?


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