Web Application Usability

It seems like I am running into an ever increasing number of usability issues in web sites/applications these days.

It has me wondering what the root cause of this is. Is it a race-to-market issue, or are designers missing these annoyances altogether?

For example, when you search for Accelerators on the ieaddons site, the page you are currently on is used to navigate to this Microsoft site rather than opening a new tab, as I have IE8 configured. Then when you search for a phrase like package tracking without quotes, you get a listing that includes The Gadget Toolbar, which has nothing to do with tracking packages. If you search for “package tracking”, then your search is treated like a phrase which produces zero results. When you search for UPS, you get accelerators like Facebook.

I also like how just clicking in the search box completely clears its contents. I’m sure some user panel decided that was better than having you use backspace…

I would love a chance to sit down and talk to the wingbolts that designed this site. Do they not understand the notion of familiarity? Like with the way Google works? Or is it because the team lives in Mumbai?

Speaking of Browsers, it amazes me that the standard in that space is not an Open Source application.

I am no big fan of Open Source, but this is one place where it would make complete sense. Since every Browser we have to choose from is just a clone of every other Browser (I have been following this from the beginning), there might as well be 1. Why do we need choice? Choice is doing ZIPPO for the consumer!

In fact, maybe I don’t want a browser that allows kids to delete their browsing history! DUH…

While I don’t blame our educational system for this, and it would not be the fault of one country’s system anyway, I do blame experienced programmers for not passing the hard-earned experience along to new programmers entering the field. I also blame the general state of Management in the Software industry, which has never been a model of success and will never get it right.

Since WE can do something about this, I ask that every experienced programmer out there please just try to take some interest in mentoring less experienced folks. These acts will go much farther than reducing your friggin carbon footprint!


About generation12

I am a SharePoint/.NET consultant in the twin cities.
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