Installing SharePoint Server 2010 Beta 2 – Configuration

Whoops, someone blew it.

I ran the SPPT Configuration Wizard, specified the Farm DB access account as usual, and set the wizard in motion to create and configure the SharePoint Config DB.

Didn’t make it past Step 3. The configuration process threw a FileNotFound exception when it tried to load the Microsoft.IdentityModel assembly version

Problem is, as far as I know, there never has been a version Geneva Beta 2 was version and the release candidate of Windows Identity Foundation is version

I found several config files containing references to the assembly, but these appear to be related to provisioning processes.

At any rate, the installation is on hold until a fix is released. It could very well be that the prerequisite installation process was trying to install WIF with assemblies stamped with version and that’s why I had some issues during installation.

In any case though, even if the issue only surfaces when a version of Geneva/WIF has already been installed, which I have all over the place, it’s still an issue.


About generation12

I am a SharePoint/.NET consultant in the twin cities.
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