SharePoint 2010 Farm Configuration Fun, Part 1

This story might in the end boil down to a case of RTFM – but JavaScript errors in Central Admin?

After reconfiguring my geneva.local domain (yes, named after the WIF code name), I proceeded to enter the SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard once again. This time I had the domain configured with DHCP, DNS and AD all on a Server 2003 box and SharePoint 2010 on a Server 2008 R2 box; this part worked just fine.

Once Central Admin rendered, I was presented with an option to run the Farm Configuration Wizard.

Well, what the heck, since I will have to know how to use and coach people on the use of this Wizard, in addition to learning how to do all of the steps manually, I might as well try this route first.

JavaScript errors in SP 2010 Central Admin


 Unfortunately, the Farm Configuration Wizard had other ideas. One of my favorite user experiences is to use a new web application and receive JavaScript errors ALL OVER THE PLACE!

The [Cancel] button did however work – small wonder.

Now I’ll have to dive into adminconfigservices.aspx and try to debug what’s up here. It fails on all the versions of IE I had to try, but it almost worked on Chrome – how sad.


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I am a SharePoint/.NET consultant in the twin cities.
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