Configuring the 64 bit PDF iFilter for SharePoint 2010

First step of course is to download and install the PDF iFilter from Adobe’s site – here’s a direct link that currently works:

After downloading and installing this on the index server in your Farm, the next step is to find a 16 x 16 Acrobat icon for display purposes. Place this on the server desktop for now.

As with previous SharePoint releases, the crawler has to be configured to use the iFilter. In this case we need to go into Central Administration and into the Search Service application administration page; shown below.

Click on the File Types link on the left and this will display the Manage File Types page as shown.

Now click New File Type and add an entry for PDF and save it. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the 14 hive and open the IMAGES folder under TEMPLATE. Copy the Acrobat icon on your desktop to this folder as shown.

Next you will have to edit the DOCICON.xml file under the TEMPLATE\XML folder to add a file extension mapping as shown below.

Finally, do an IIS reset and everything should be set. If you upload a PDF to a document library, you should now see the type icon displayed next to it in the view.

Once the crawler does a full crawl, you should now be able to search the contents of the PDF(s) you have placed in libraries.


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