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ChromeOS – last look

If things “sort out” in a technology area as fast as they come along, there will be less litter laying around. Such may be the case with ChromeOS. I did a quick comparison the other evening between Mint (a compacted … Continue reading

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ChromeOS in VirtualBox – second look

As I blogged yesterday, I attempted today to get wide screen support to work with ChromeOS as a VirtualBox Guest OS. When you try to configure the display properties from the Gnome desktop, you may receive the error “Failed to execute … Continue reading

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ChromeOS in VirtualBox – no problemo

I installed the RC release 0.9.576 of Chrome after waiting a while to be able to download it in a reasonable amount of time. For a first-try, I decided to install ChromeOS in a VirtualBox VM – just select any … Continue reading

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Microsoft Crescent may kill SSRS

Near the end of  ScottGu’s keynote at last weeks Silverlight Firestarter event there was a final demo (73:10 into the video) of a new product called Crescent. Crescent is a data visualization/reporting application built upon a Silverlight 5 stack. Watch the demo (actually … Continue reading

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Developing 2007 web parts on VS 2010

If you find yourself in a development environment consisting of the somewhat unlikely combination of MOSS and Visual Studio 2010, there is a simple way around a few things that will get in the way. First, VS 2010 does not … Continue reading

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