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What is the SharePoint best practice?

There’s no one contextual framework that the phrase “best practice” fits neatly into because the word best is ambiguous. I get asked this question all the time; in nearly every sales meeting I have with customers. It is like some … Continue reading

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Configure Access Services in a two server SharePoint 2010 farm

This subject is a good example of when not having good information in one place, with some context around it, will lead to failure every time. The background for this post is that we have a customer where the use … Continue reading

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Floating the SP.UI.ModalDialog

I’ve been using more of the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model lately and had a need for a lightbox UI. I decided to use SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog(…), but found it irritating that the rendered DIV did not float by default. So I … Continue reading

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SPWeb move or clone in PowerShell

When you have to move or clone a web in SharePoint 2010, you can make use of the Export-SPWeb and Import-SPWeb cmdlets in the Management Shell. The semantic difference between a move and a clone is whether you delete the … Continue reading

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Listing all SPWeb templates for a Farm

A single line PS cmdlet and pipeline to save all installed SPWeb templates and their properties to a CSV file. Get-SPWebTemplate | Export-Csv c:\WebTemplates.csv

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User Profile Synchronization Service – June CU

Now that I have personally wrestled with this area of SharePoint 2010, I can see why Paul Culmsee calls it the Evilness. I also found out why Spence Harbar’s Rational Guide must be followed to the letter. I do not … Continue reading

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Configuring the 64 bit PDF iFilter for SharePoint 2010

First step of course is to download and install the PDF iFilter from Adobe’s site – here’s a direct link that currently works: After downloading and installing this on the index server in your Farm, the next step is … Continue reading

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